Nobuaki Mukai



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Practice Areas

  • Competition/Antitrust; Corporate/M&A; Dispute Resolution; Intellectual Property; International Transactions/Trade; White Collar Crime


March 1994 Graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law (LL.B.)
April 1994 - April 1996 The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
April 1996 Admitted to Japanese Bar (The Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association)
April 1996 Momo-o, Matsuo & Namba
May 2000 Master of Laws (LL.M.) at Cornell University, Law School
September 2000 - July 2001 BINGHAM DANA LLP in Massachusetts
2001 Admitted to New York Bar
September 2001 - September 2002 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP in Illinois
September 2002 Momo-o, Matsuo & Namba
January 2004 Became Partner of Momo-o, Matsuo & Namba
September 30, 2009 Doctor of Business Law (Antitrust/Competition Law) Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Business Law Program
November 2009 Admitted to Japanese Patent Bar
2010 - 2018 Lecturer (Antitrust/Competition Law) Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy
2011 - 2019 Lecturer (Antitrust/Competition Law) Ritsumeikan University School of Law
October 2013 Chief Secretariat of the Antimonopoly Act Research Division of the Comprehensive Legal Study Center of the Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association
June 2014 Chief Secretariat of the Amendment of the Antimonopoly Act Working Group of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations
February 2016 - March 2017 Member of the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) study group on a prospective JFTC discretionary surcharge (or, fining) system


Since joining Momo-o, Matsuo & Namba in 1996, Dr. Mukai has represented both corporations and individuals in defence of international and domestic antitrust violations, both administrative and criminal, and has litigated or defended civil antitrust cases in industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail and transportation, including:

•the Freight-forwarders case;
•the Auto-parts cases;
•the Maritime transporters case; and
•the Electronic parts case.

He has also advised on numerous M&A transactions from a competition-law perspective.? Dr. Mukai has handled transactions and disputes for clients in intellectual property, including, among others, patents and copyrights.? He also advises clients on general corporate and commercial law matters.?


《English Translation of Title Only. Language of Publication is Japanese》

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《English Publications》

  • Getting The Deal Through, Vertical Agreements 2010 - present

    Co-author, Law Business Research Ltd. (2010 - present)

  • Getting The Deal Through, Public Procurement 2014 - 2015

    Co-author, Law Business Research Ltd. (2014 - 2015)

  • International Public Procurement: A Guide to Best Practice

    Co-author, Globe Law and Business (2009)