MMN's core competence is to provide comprehensive day-to-day advice and counseling to the corporate legal departments of its clients. To follow is a summary of its practice areas and an outline of the firm's experience covering representative matters.

Corporate Law & Commercial Transactions

As one of MMN's core competencies, the firm routinely advises on various aspects of corporate and commercial transactions law. It advises on corporate compliance related matters including the establishment and maintenance of "helplines" as a part of a client's compliance program. It regularly conducts incorporation and other procedural matters for corporations in addition to advising on matters relating to general shareholders' meetings. MMN drafts, reviews and negotiates a wide assortment of commercial transactions, including joint ventures, and distribution, licensing and franchise agreements. The firm advises on all matters relating to securities law and Japanese laws and regulations for foreign companies entering Japan.

Banking & Financial Transactions

MMN drafts, reviews and provides advice on loan agreements and other types of financial transactions. It assists in the development of new products for domestic and foreign banks, securities companies and insurance companies in the Japanese regulatory environment. The firm provides financial institutions with advice on regulations and compliance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

MMN is renowned for its M&A practice. It routinely advises on transactions that include conducting legal due diligence and the negotiation and drafting of agreements for transactions relating to M&A, such as mergers, acquisition of stock, asset acquisitions, stock exchanges, issuances of stock, stock options and other securities. The firm advises on matters relating to defense against hostile takeovers and on matters relating to corporate reorganization and restructuring, including corporate splits.

Intellectual Property

MMN's anti-counterfeiting and brand management practice is globally recognized. It protects famous brand names and enforces trademarks and copyrights, particularly in the fashion industry, by devising and administering customized and comprehensive anti-infringement campaigns. It counsels on IP litigation and other disputes. The firm also advises on various types of licensing agreements for IP, including patent, know-how, trademark and copyright including computer software. It routinely utilizes both civil and criminal procedural means to defend IP rights.

Litigation & Arbitration

MMN's international arbitration practice is globally recognized. The firm litigates and arbitrates both domestic and international actions in areas including financial and commercial transactions, antitrust, IP, large-scale accidents, products liability, and corporate derivative actions. The majority of MMN attorneys have a variety of experience of handing complex litigation.

Bankruptcy & Reorganization

MMN is renowned for having handled several large-scale corporate reorganization cases. It regularly acts as court-appointed trustees in bankruptcy and corporate reorganization cases. MMN provides services relating to the Civil Rehabilitation Law and advises creditors in domestic and international bankruptcy cases. MMN also advises on purchasing claims against failed companies and other similar investments.

Competition & Antitrust

MMN's antitrust practice is globally recognized. It handles investigations on domestic and international cases of alleged violations (administrative procedures and criminal procedures) and associated appeal procedures, as well as attendant civil dispute procedures, often in collaboration and cooperation with specialists in the relevant country and area. MMN counsels on procedures for merger regulations and handles disputes relating to distribution policies, business collaborations and other business transactions.

Real Estate

The firm counsels on real estate transactions, including sale, purchase and lease agreements, particularly those concerning overseas investments by Japanese individuals and corporations. It provides legal advice to foreign investors on the purchase and management of Japanese real property and mortgages. MMN also advises on securitizations for real estate.

Insurance Law

MMN is an industry-leader in advising multinational and domestic insurance companies on claims and on the development of new types of insurance products, such as D&O liability insurance. It also manages products liability insurance claims in foreign countries on an ongoing basis.

Employment Law

MMN routinely represents the management of multinational and domestic companies on various issues in employment relationships including employees' dismissal, sexual harassment, power harassment, transfer, demotion, wage reduction, temporary retirement, collective bargaining, etc. It counsels on measures in response to labor disputes, action demanding confirmation of status as employee, etc. It regularly drafts and reviews work rules and other employment-related rules.

White-Collar Crime

MMN defends and advises clients with respect to white-collar crimes under the Companies Act and antitrust and securities laws.

Information Technology Law

The firm advises on legal issues and disputes regarding the telecommunications/broadcast/media/computer industries including rights management relevant thereto, business tie-ups, the protection of personal information and legal problems regarding e-commerce, IP, etc.

Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

MMN advises on and drafts agreements covering clinical trials, CRO, licensing, distribution, R&D, collaborations and joint ventures. It counsels on the Fair Competition Code on the promotion of pharmaceutical products. The firm provides advice and resolution on disputes surrounding the pharmaceutical industry including the handling of claims regarding side effects arising out of clinical trials and other pharmaceutical-related issues.