Our team of attorneys is well-versed in the intricacies of international law, bringing a wealth of expertise to our clients. Many have obtained LL.M. degrees abroad and gained valuable work experience at foreign law firms. Their knowledge spans a wide range of areas in international law, including global M&A and international arbitration.

Further, we take pride in being the exclusive member firm in Japan of Interlaw, the prestigious international law firm network comprising more than 8,000 lawyers at independent law firms in over 150 cities worldwide. Through our participation in Interlaw and numerous additional relationships with global and local firms outside of Interlaw, we are actively involved in a range of international legal matters. MMN is well-connected to a vast worldwide network of legal professionals who can serve our clients nearly anywhere in the world.

In recent years, we have also dedicated significant attention to Asian and Chinese legal affairs. Our lawyers collaborate closely with Interlaw member firms to provide direct advice in the Philippines and Thailand. Additionally, one of our partners has a Ph.D. in Law from Peking University, and he heads a team of Chinese lawyers specialized in Chinese law. They assist Japanese companies in their business expansion efforts in China and support Chinese companies in their acquisitions in Japan. Our services extend to handling acquisitions and facilitating business development in Japan by Chinese companies.

When it comes to international arbitration, our attorneys possess extensive experience in various arbitral institutions worldwide such as the ICC, JCAA, and SIAC. They have played pivotal roles as arbitrators, party representatives, and expert witnesses, offering comprehensive support throughout the arbitration process. From drafting arbitration clauses to overseeing proceedings, as well as managing enforcement and annulment procedures, we are committed to assisting our clients at every stage.