MMN correctly anticipated that the need for attorneys experienced in sophisticated commercial litigation would increase. Disputes between companies have only intensified and become increasingly complicated as economic conditions have changed and business has internationalized. MMN's litigation experience is expansive and long-standing. We handle everything from ordinary disputes concerning business transactions and real estate, to specialized commercial litigation and cases such as shareholder derivative actions and actions for resolution rescissions, commercial provisional dispositions, financial litigation, intellectual property litigation, labor and employment disputes, product liability actions, IT system development litigation and antitrust-related matters. We conduct our litigation activities based on exhaustive research and fact-finding and always aim for what is the best result for the client. Our attorneys are not averse to utilizing civil preservation procedures such as provisional seizure, provisional disposition and compulsory execution to expeditiously address client disputes. In cross-border disputes involving international transactions, we vigorously represent clients by utilizing our extensive international network of local law firms, including the member firms of Interlaw.


MMN's depth of experience in arbitration includes proceedings at all of the major arbitral institutions both in Japan and internationally as arbitrator, party attorney and expert witness. Our clients regard arbitration as an extremely important method of dispute resolution especially in relation to international transactions. The number of cases including a Japanese company as a party to the arbitration has increased in recent years. Due to the private nature of arbitration proceedings, there is little public information on outcomes and precedents are not commonly available. This means that companies often struggle in approaching arbitration and gauging the likelihood of a certain result. MMN is able to eliminate much of the guesswork and apprehension surrounding arbitration given our many years of experience. We support our clients in all phases of arbitration including drafting appropriate arbitration clauses, filing for arbitration, engaging in settlement negotiations, recognition and enforcement of awards and withdrawal.

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