Finance, Securities and Insurance

The finance, banking and securities industries have been subject to legal reforms on an almost annual basis in recent years. The Financial Services Agency and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission remain very active in issuing administrative disciplinary actions and orders for payment of surcharges. MMN attorneys in this field include those who have worked for the regulatory authorities and at financial institutions and are capable of providing domestic and multinational banks, securities companies and investment funds (including real estate funds)- as well as companies in the fintech area- with practical advice on compliance concerning the Banking Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Payment Services Act and other business regulations. In addition, our attorneys handle settlements regarding disputes over the sales and solicitation of financial instruments from the standpoint of mediator or attorney. We routinely prepare documents subject to statutory disclosure such as securities reports based on disclosed material in foreign countries for international clients and provide registration support through EDINET.


MMN advises multinational and domestic insurance companies on all aspects of the Insurance Business Act. We have headed numerous insurance-related litigations and routinely advise on insurance claims and new types of insurance products such as D&O liability insurance. Our attorneys are also adept at managing product liability insurance claims in countries outside Japan.

Practice Areas