General Corporate Legal Affairs

One of MMN's core competencies is to provide comprehensive day-to-day advice and counseling to the legal departments of our clients. We routinely engage in the contemplation and execution of myriad business transactions including agreements covering purchases and sales, manufacturing, business consignment, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, business collaborations and joint ventures, capital tie-ups and investments in both mature and startup companies. Our attorneys are expert in the laws concerning these activities, namely the Civil Code, the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and laws and regulations governing labor and employment, consumer protection, intellectual property, antitrust and competition and personal information. Due to the rapid globalization of business, our clients have increasingly relied on us to handle outbound and inbound negotiations with domestic and international counterparts and attendant transactional work.

Corporate Governance

MMN advocates the belief that, in order for an enterprise to succeed at its core business, it is necessary for it to construct an overall governance system and to make well-reasoned decisions in accordance with the law and the corporation's internal governing documents. MMN provides advice from this viewpoint and that of the fiduciary duties and the obligations required of directors under the Companies Act based on our extensive background representing management in shareholder derivative actions. We routinely advise our clients on how best to organize an internal control system addressing key issues like internal regulations, in-house training and effective reporting systems. MMN also advises on how to ensure that audits are effectively performed. We are also often engaged to counsel our clients on the standards of governance required of companies and on the setting of directors' compensation in consideration of recent trends in corporate governance.

Shareholder Meetings

MMN actively supports the proceedings of numerous shareholder meetings for our clients each year including those of listed companies with extensive shareholders. Ever mindful of recent legal revisions and trends, the firm has long-standing experience in handling shareholder proposals and proxy fights. We also represent our clients in litigation concerning shareholder meetings such as actions for resolution rescissions. MMN routinely prepares meeting minutes, provides advice on corporate actions such as changes to articles of incorporation and the issuance of new shares and supports registration matters.

Practice Areas