AI/Advanced Language Models

The widespread adoption of AI, including advanced language models like ChatGTP, is anticipated to become increasingly prevalent in corporate operations. As technological advancements and business applications take the lead, legal considerations often lag behind. However, our attorneys stay ahead of the learning curve on the latest developments, allowing us to offer tailored advice for each case. We approach AI-related matters from the standpoint of addressing relevant legal issues and implementing risk mitigation strategies, ensuring appropriate guidance and safeguarding our clients' interests in this rapidly changing area.


Telecommunication technology, including the Internet, plays a vital role in the infrastructure of all corporations. MMN offers comprehensive legal support in this domain, providing counsel on a diverse range of issues. Our services include advising on legal matters pertaining to the broadcasting industry, such as rights processing and business collaborations. Additionally, we offer guidance on e-commerce and Internet usage, addressing areas such as advertising regulations and defamation concerns on bulletin boards and social media platforms.

IT System Development Disputes

Developing a company's IT system requires significant investments of both time and resources. However, disputes often arise due to differing interpretations of deliverables, resulting in costly and severe consequences. At MMN, we have represented both vendors and users in system development disputes. Our approach is grounded in practical experience and the realities of system development, rather than relying solely on abstract theory. This enables us to provide effective representation and guidance that aligns with the practicalities of IT system development.

Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy

Our team offers tailored guidance on matters concerning the cybersecurity, data protection, the handling of personal information and defamation issues. We take into consideration both domestic and foreign laws and regulations, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Moreover, our advice is informed by the latest court practices, enabling us to provide up-to-date and effective recommendations in these areas.

Practice Areas