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Makoto Matsuo
Partner Makoto Matsuo

Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution;
Intellectual Property;
International Transactions/Trade;
Pharmaceutical Affairs;
Regulatory Compliance;
White Collar Crime


March 1973 Graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law (LL.B.)
April 1973 - April 1975 The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
April 1975 Admitted to Japanese Bar (The Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association)
April 1975 - July 1977 Ozaki & Momo-o
May 1978 Master of Laws (LL.M.) at Columbia University, Law School
August 1978 - July 1980 Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP in New York
1979 Admitted to New York Bar
1980 Became Partner of Ozaki & Momo-o
April 1989 Momo-o, Matsuo & Namba
April 1997 - March 2005 Lecturer at Nihon University, Faculty of Law: International Transaction Law
April 2005 - March 2013 Lecturer at Hitotsubashi University, Faculty and Graduate School of Law
2009 - 2011 Visiting Professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Graduate School of Technology Management


《English Translation of Title Only. Language of Publication is Japanese》
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Author, ILS Publications (April 2016)
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Recent Development on Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Antitrust Laws
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Legal Advice on Unfair Competition/Defence of Registered Trademark
Co-author Seirin-shoin (June 1997)
Legal Advice on Trademarks/Abuse of Trademark Right
Co-author Seirin-shoin (June 1997)
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Co-author, Chuo keizai-sha (July 1994)
The State of D & O Liability for Executives in the United States
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《English Translation of Publication》
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《English Publications》
Merger and Acquisitions under Japanese Law
(Antitrust Law Journal / ABA Vol.52-4 1983)
Litigation in Japan / A Trial Practice and Procedure Manual
(Pamphlet ABA / Litigation Section 1979)